Therapy Future - Therapy for the Soul, Mind and Body

Therapy Future - Therapy for the Soul, Mind and Body

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We receive many calls from you. You asked about the Future therapies that we use in the Center "ReBirth"

New, highly effective methods of therapy of the Future, is now available in the United States.
Future effective methods of therapy have helped many people get rid of the "incurable" diseases.
Many years of practical experience in our work with patients allowed to identify the causal relationships of pathologic conditions in patients with subsequent elimination of these diseases. This concerns not only the patient's health, but also his family life, work, environment rights, etc.
We all came into this world to be happy and healthy but due to our violation of the laws of life, improper attitude toward yourself and the people we are creating a reason for which come from various diseases.
Without the values which the disease, any disease in spite of the Age of the patient has a cause behind which there is a consequence, ie the disease on the physical body.
And if you treat only one consequence, the result will be little if at all it will not. In this case, the disease will came back, as the reason will not be eliminated.
Therefore, we apply an integrated approach to each disease and the individual approach to each patient, ie localize, locate and eliminate the cause and then eliminate a consequence.
Therapy of the future in many cases can be done is also very effective at a distance.

Our Specialization:


  • Life crisises and stresses
  • Deliverance from bad habit
  • Fear, Phobias, Depression
  • Enurez
  • Past Life Regression Therapy
  • Life Between Lives - Spiritual Regression Hypnotherapy
  • Karma Correction through unconsciousness

Reception conducts Doctors of Metaphysical Science: Anna Perkel D.Ms, Alex Perkel D.Ms, CHt, IACT.
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regretion & Life Between Lives Therapists.

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Anna Perkel and Alex Perkel