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Jade - Ancient Strength and Serenity

Price: 125.00 USD

Jade - one of the most popular minerals used in religion and magic. In Asian countries since ancient times believed that jade has five major advantages. It is a stone of Heaven and Earth, Wisdom and Eternity.
According to ancient knowledge when you wear jade and if you fall, stone broke, it took over the damage instead of you. If just a stone cracks or breaks, it means that he took upon himself harm or severe misfortune that might occur to you.
In connection with these unusual characteristics of this stone, Esoteric Science Center "Rebirth" making bracelets on health and longevity, individually for each person.

These personalized bracelets are working on overall health and also for your desire to get rid of diseases.
Such as diseases of the spleen, kidney, lung and heart, liver, stomach, digestive system, diseases of the circulatory system, organs of sight, hearing, bone disease, diseases tied with dizziness, headaches, atherosclerosis, tied with fatigue, insomnia, nightmares, disorder of sexual potency, diseases leading to stroke, epilepsy, improper blood circulation in the brain and changes in blood pressure, diseases are associated with the appearances of hemorrhoids, eczema and herpes. To resolve problems with the inability to become pregnant and give birth safely. To remove the inner and outer inflammation. To eliminate diseases associated to the nerves, calming unruly and removal from depression.
Jade jewel brings longevity and healing.

Due to the fact that each bracelet is individually prepared for you, please specify your disease when you ordering bracelet.