Creative Workshop - "Awakening the Illuminated Heart"

Creative Workshop - "Awakening the Illuminated Heart"

Merkabah is commonly known as a "Lightbody": a chariot or vehicle that is used for inter-dimensional travel by Masters and Spiritual seekers. To some it appears as a 3-dimensional star tetrahedron (a 3D version of the Star of David). It is said to be used to transport the spirit-body from one dimension to another.

Merkabah is not an invention of the New Age movement. It is a real technique that has been taught in various religious and spiritual disciplines since ancient times. We can see and understand the accounts of its existence in many ancient texts, including the New Testament of the Bible. 

A fully activated Merkaba looks just like the structure of a galaxy or a UFO.


 Merkaba is the Multidimensional Vehicle



Merkaba is a tool for healing, 
for sacred spiritual  knowledge,
 to assist you in life and for realization
of your dream.


Tom de Winter

Updated  workshop "Awakening the Illuminated Heart"



In the nineties Tom de Winter was officially certified by Drunvalo Melchizedek as a trainer / coach in the ancient knowledge of the Sacred Geometry and travelled all over the world to give Drunvalo's Flower of Life workshops. As a development out of these workshops Tom designed new trainings on body consciousness and Alpha Enhancement. July 2011 Tom visited Drunvalo Melchizedek's new School of Remembering and is now officially an Awakening The Illuminated Heart Teacher. 


Guidance for Workshop ATIH "Awakening the Illuminated Heart"


Quick overview of the class, just so you have a kind an idea what is going to be presented to you


  • Working with Leornardo sfere on the first day
  • Healing day is with practise of vacuumhealing
  • What to do if you have cancer
  • In the activation of merkaba we have six disk instead of one..55 feet diameter is not valid anymore, we choose our own size of the the disk
  • We use Omega sphere to fill it with prana. Omega shpere is around merkaba
  • We will activate Plasma sferes on each side of the prolonged prana tune in the omega
  • We need the special state in order to activate the Plasma sferes 
  • Healing of the forth dimensional heart and entering the sacred space and tiny space of this not physical heart
  • Healing and balancing the inner female and male in order to have a balanced male and female relationship with yourself


MerKaBa 7 Merkaba8


Also at the workshop - Teaching about the beams of light, activating and working with them, Reaching into higher consciousness, Connecting tiny space of your heart to the brain, Activating your third eye, Creation process for the 4th dimension (because you can't stay there in the 4th dimension, if you don't know this process), Connection to the higher self, Activating your Merkaba (belief system needs to Be 100% to create in life), Programming Merkaba and etc.


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